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Kingdom of Doom

And when the sunset world begins
Turning into the night
I see everything in black and white
and then

What a horrible start to my day today. It was surprisingly cold out today so I was vastly underdressed for that and add to the fact that I lost my keys. I didn't notice until after my first class and of course I have only an hour to retrace all my steps and try to find them. At that point they could've been dropped in the cafeteria, somewhere in my building, the bus, the bus stop, anywhere between the stop and my building (which is quite a stretch of area), or my building (where I sat before class, class, and the bathroom)

I'll spare the details of my sweat-inducing hectic hour I had and let's just say 3 Lost-and-Founds later, they ended up being on my desk in my room. Some guy who helped me look for them on my bus said something like "I bet they're somewhere lame like your room, I did the same thing and they were there) Sure enough, I never grabbed them on the way out. For some reason it got very overwhelming like more so than a set of keys should be. Definitely needed a chill pill. Where do you get those anyway?

Anyway I did get to class with a minute to spare. All that for a short class. He let us out early...nice but lame...

I went to my fam's this weekend like I usually do and it was nice. I didn't do much, but I did get out a little more than usual. Driving with the windows down and listening to music is very therapeutic. I learned that from Mark. Every time we'd go out and just drive around it was just nice. I don't know what it is really. Plus I got to talk to the fam themselves and that's always good too.

I'm so ready to be done with school and get out of Denton. I'm pretty tired of it all in general. Except there's a little thing called Finals. I wish I could exempt some like I did last semester. That was nice. Move out is gonna be a bitch. Not looking forward to that either.

but at least nicotine is making this all better. Well not better but more manageable.

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